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Privacy and Protection of Personal Data

The privacy and protection of the personal data of all Customers and users of the services provided by 3rhost, at all times, constitute an essential aspect in the way it operates and organizes itself.
3rhost thus aims to ensure that all its Customers are aware, at all times, of the rules and principles relating to the protection and processing of personal data, making every possible effort to ensure the security of such data, in accordance with the rules and procedures defined in the applicable legislation, namely in the Personal Data Protection Law (Law n.º 67/98, 26th of October).
In this way, the company adopts the best technical and organizational practices to protect Customers' personal data against loss, involuntary or unlawful deletion and undue alteration, as well as against integrity failures, unauthorized access or disclosure.
On the 3rhost website you can find access links to other websites that are unrelated to our company. The provision of such links is made in good faith, and 3rhost cannot be held responsible for the collection and processing of personal data carried out on these websites, nor be held responsible for the accuracy, credibility and functionality of websites belonging to third parties. In this way, the provision of links to other websites unrelated to 3rhost does not imply any assumption of responsibility in relation to them, and, consequently, this Privacy Policy is not applicable to them.
3rhost also recommends that its Customers adopt additional security measures, including keeping equipment and programs duly updated and configured, the use of protection against malicious software and firewall and not browsing websites for which it does not have the necessary guarantees. of authenticity.
You are advised to carefully read this Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), General Conditions for Provision of Services, as well as the Terms and Conditions of each of the services provided by the company.
This Privacy Policy may, at any time, be subject to change or revision, with any changes or revisions duly disclosed and communicated on the 3rhost website

What are Personal Data

Personal data is information, of any nature and regardless of its support, including sound and image, relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. A person who can be identified directly or indirectly, namely by reference to an identification number or to one or more specific elements of their physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity, is considered identifiable.

Responsible for the Collection and Processing of Personal Data

3rhost is responsible for collecting and processing the personal data of Customers, under the terms of paragraph d) of article 3 of Law no. which personal data are collected, the means of data processing and the purposes for which they are used.

Responsibility for data communicated to third parties

3rhost may, in the exercise of its activity and within the scope of the Services it provides, subcontract third parties for the pursuit of the aforementioned purposes and for the development and management of its computer systems, which may imply access by these entities to personal data of your Customers. When this happens, 3rhost takes the appropriate measures, so that the entities that will have access to the data offer the highest technical, organizational and human guarantees at that level.
Thus, the Third Parties subcontracted by 3rhost will be obliged, under the legally foreseen terms, as well as under an agreement signed with the first, to put into practice adequate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against destruction, accidental or unlawful, the dissemination , alteration, disclosure, unauthorized access and against any other form of illicit treatment, as well as being bound by special duties of professional secrecy and confidentiality.

Outside of these cases, 3rhost will only transmit the personal data of its Customers to Third Parties when:

- It is obliged to do so by virtue of a legal provision and only to the strict extent of its obligations or,
- In cases where the law expressly allows it, if the Customer expressly and specifically authorizes such transmission and is duly informed, in writing, about the recipients of the personal data and the purposes of the transmitted data.

In any case, 3rhost remains responsible for the personal data provided by Customers. The provision of certain services by 3rhost may imply the transfer of your personal data outside Portugal. In such case, the company declares that it will strictly comply with the determination

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